• Welcome to GAS4CARS. Specialists in LPG conversions and all mechanical repairs air conditioning repairs and servicing of your vehicle.  We are one of the oldest approved UKLPG convertors in the country first approved in August 1999.   However the business owner has been in the motor trade repairing and servicing vehicles for over 25 years,   so you can rest assured your vehicle is in safe and very experienced hands.
Welcome to Gas4Cars

Liquid Petroleum Gas ("LPG")

A naturally occurring mixture of Propane and Butane that is produced during the processes of oil refining and natural gas extraction.

  • The Myths Dispelled

    "LPG is a flash in the pan and it won't catch on" 400,000 Dutch vehicle owners (10%) and 4,000,000 worldwide have already switched to LPG

    "I will lose the "driveability" and power of my car" There is no power loss with modern sequential gas injection (SGI) LPG systems, only older or first generation systems

    "It will make the car less valuable" How can anything that halves the cost of running the vehicle devalue it?